Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2023

Ceiling fans are one of the essential elements of every house. During the hot and sunny days it is the ceiling fans that give you instant relief from feeling hot and humid. It also keeps the room cool and pleasant. With the advancement of technology, you can get new features and uses of ceiling fans. These fans have now turned to be much better and compact. You can now get ceiling fans that can be operated with remote. This will allow you to sit comfortably in your room and enjoy the cool breeze of the ceiling fan.

Before making the purchase of ceiling fans you must check the number of blades. You can get some ceiling fans that have three or four blades. It is also necessary to check and examine the motor of the ceiling fan. It is the motor of the fan that plays a crucial role. Above-all it is good to check the warranty period of the fan. Never buy the product without the mention of the warranty period.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Brands of India 2023

Here you will learn about the best ceiling fan brand in India. Through this, you can get the option buying the best one for your house. Most ceiling fan manufacturing companies give special effort in designing and making the fans. You will now get ceiling fans that have numerous qualities. Let us now move into the primary part of our discussion.

best ceiling fan brands

  • Orient Aeroquite ceiling fan:

It is one of the advanced forms of ceiling fans available in India. It comes with a new style and big blades. The fan consists of 18 pole powerful motor. The Orient Electric fan is considered to be durable and of high-quality. The blades do not get rust. It is 100 percent rust-free. The company provide two year warranty period from the purchasing date to the manufacturer. For many it appears to be an expensive fan but it can give you service for a long period. The unique design of the fan will also help in enhancing the beauty of the room to a great extent. This fan is considered to be one of the most trusted and perfect fans for bedrooms. It can keep the room cool and pleasant during the operating time.

  • Havells Stealth ceiling fan:

It is another best ceiling fan brand in India 2023. The company produces some significant and premier quality electrical products for the users. This fan provides high-speed rotation to the users. It moves very fast and keeps the room cool for a long time. The aerodynamics blades of the ceiling fan helps in uniform distribution of air throughout the room. It will also help in keeping the room fresh during the hot and humid days. The silent operational feature of the fan is something interesting. The motor of the fan is strong and durable. The blades are resistant to rust. Even after being used for an extended period, the fan remains in the best condition. The uniquely designed fans come with a weight of 7kg. If you avail the latest design of the fan, you can get a new look of the room.

  • Crompton Aluminium Aura Prime anti-dust ceiling fan:

It is considered the best ceiling fan in India. The fan has some unique features that make it different from all aspects. If you want to stay in a fresh and enjoy a relaxing mood, it is best to use this fan. The latest design of the fan is awesome and you can use it in your well-decorated room. It comes with anti-dust technology. This will keep the room free from marks and dust to a great extent. It is a highly efficient fan that comes with double bearing facility. The aluminium made blades are durable and give you high performance. The fan also gives uniform of air. The best part of the fan is that it consumes less electricity. You can enjoy noise-free circulation of air during the operation of the fan. You can rely upon this company to a great extent.

  • Bajaj New Bahar ceiling fan:

It is a great company that has been engaged with the work of manufacturing ceiling fans. This ceiling fan is counted as a low-priced fan. This fan provides free and good flow of air in the room. The fan is known for its powerful motor. It can give you the best possible service. The blades are rust-free. You can use it for an extended period. The more you will use it, the more you will witness a better result. The double ball bearing system is another advantage of using the ceiling fan. The company also gives two years warranty from the purchasing date.

  • Luminous Dhoom Ceiling fan:

It is another high-speed ceiling fan in the list. It comes with some enormous features that make it unique in all aspects. The high-end air flow of the fan is another special quality of the fan. The blade size of the fan is big and has an effective power of the motor. The model of the fan is amazing. It is non-corrosive in nature. The motor of the fan has a copper winding facility. This enhances and increasing the lifespan of the fan. The weight of the fan is estimated to be 5 kg. This fan can be easily installed by the users. The technicians can install it without any prior instructions or manuals. The company also gives good warranty period to the users.


You will get many in the list of the best ceiling fans in India. However, you must give special preference to the one that gives you a long-term service. You must always select the one which has some basic features and characteristics. Ceiling fans are one of the primary accessories for your home. It seems that we cannot survive without a proper ceiling fan during the summer months. Before purchasing a ceiling fan you must have a proper idea about the room size. This will help you get the best one from the market.

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