Top 3 Jio International SMS Pack 2023

Jio, India’s number one telecom company has announced a special calling and SMS pack for international travelers. Yes, if you are traveling abroad and have a Jio connection on your phone, you can avail the benefit of the new Jio international SMS pack. Below is more information about the International SMS packs of Jio, like how to activate the SMS pack and much more.

After the corona pandemic is getting slow, international flights are resuming in India, so are the international travelers. Many Jio users who are regular flyers from India, need to send SMS to their contacts, this new SMS pack will help them the most.

How to Activate Jio International SMS Pack?

It’s quite easy! To activate the international SMS pack in Jio, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. Do check and follow now.

  1. Firstly, Download the Jio app (if you don’t have Jio App on your Phone).
  2. After that visit the settings in My Jio App.
  3. Choose the International roaming option and select activate Roaming service for international.
  4. Here, after finishing this step, you will receive an SMS for confirmation of activating the service.

Alternate Method

If you don’t want to follow the steps, you can directly call Jio Customer Care for support and they will do the needful for you.

Jio Helpline number – 1800 889 9999

Is Activating the International SMS Pack necessary?

No, not at all. You can send the SMS in international roaming without activating the international pack as well. Though, it would cost you super high in international roaming. (Approx. ₹ 15 per incoming SMS). And almost the same for sending as well. So, this way, it will be super costly for you to use SMS service in international roaming, hence, International SMS Pack.

International SMS Pack Price in Jio 2022

The newly launched International SMS Pack will benefit the user the most. In this SMS pack, you can send and receive SMS in international Roaming at ₹ 5 only. Yes, the price of this new international SMS pack is quite reduced. To avail of this scheme, you need to recharge your Jio sim with ₹ 575 which you will get 100 International SMS per day (super cheap, right?).

Also, to find another SMS pack for your Jio number, you can dial the *199# (Jio SMS pack checking number) from your Jio number.

jio international sms pack

Which is another International SMS pack for international users in Jio?

Alternatively, you can recharge with ₹ 2875 or ₹ 5851 to get more benefits and more per day international SMS. Yes, there are many other SMS packs available for Jio users in international roaming.

What is the Jio SMS pack Check Number?

To check Jio SMS pack details, which are activated on your Jio number, you have to dial below USSD code and get the details.

Dial *199# from your Jio number and get SMS pack details which are activated on your number.

Can we use the Jio number internationally?

Yes, absolutely! Jio has tie-up with many international cellular companies abroad which will provide you service on behalf of Jio when you are traveling abroad. For that, you need to have active Jio International Roaming. If international roaming is activated on your Jio phone, you can use your Jio number internationally.

What are the options for the Jio International Roaming pack?

Below is currently available International roaming packs in Jio.

  • Recharge with ₹ 1102 and get 5 International SMS and 28 days of validity.
  • ₹ 575 recharge pack, 1-day validity, 100 voice call min, 100 SMS, and 250 MB data usage.
  • 2875 recharge pack gives you 7 days of validity, 100-voice call min, 100 SMS, and unlimited data usage.
  • ₹ 5751 gives you 30 days of validity, 1500 voice call min, 1500 SMS, and unlimited data usage in international roaming.

What are standard charges for International calls, data usage, and SMS?

In Jio, Standard call and SMS charges are different. Below are sample charges for calls, SMS, and data usage.

Local Call (Rs/Min) Call to India (Rs/Min) Rest of The World (Rs/Min) Incoming Call (Rs/Min) Outgoing SMS (Rs/SMS) Mobile Data (Rs/10 KB)


2 100 2 2


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