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LIC Kanyadan policy premium chart is one of the fine economic coverages. It comes with relatively much less premium. Through this plan, the destiny charges of the daughter for his or her marriage and schooling maybe 100% protected. This coverage may certainly act as a backup plan.

Naturally, the very first actual challenge of an Indian female is to ready her for schooling and marriage expenses. The LIC Kanyadan policy acts as a boon to the own circle of relatives of the female baby as it will assist them financially.

In phrases of Kanyadan policy LIC, the authorities give one in all many advantages. It is presented to uplift and inspire the daughters of India, so they can reap what they have got already aspired for. Through this coverage, a natural endowment plan could be loved via way of means of the daughters because it will cowl towards the risk.

Eligibility Criteria for LIC Kanyadan Policy

Minimum Basic Sum Assured

Rs. 1,00,000

Maximum Basic Sum Assured

 No Limit

(The Basic Sum Assured shall be in multiples of 10,000/-)

Policy Term

 13 to 25 years

Premium Paying Term

 (Policy Term – 3) years

Minimum Age

 18 years

Maximum Age

 50 years

Maximum Maturity Age

 65 years

Girl’s Minimum Age

1 year

The policy is designed for folks that can’t manage to pay to invest in their daughter’s schooling as well as marriage. Thus, the unique attention to the destiny of the daughter has been initiated by this scheme.

Highlights of the LIC Kanyadan policy premium chart:

lic kanyadan policy

  • LIC Kanyadan policy is one in every LIC quality policy offers.
  • Optimum safety for existence chance with a set time restriction up to a few years earlier than the maturity date of the LIC is the top-rated.
  • The existence confident gets a complete lump sum fee quickly when it hits maturity.
  • LIC coverage top rate waiver facility is given handiest after the exact dying of the father.
  • In the case of the unintended dying, ten lakhs is paid.
  • In the case of non-unintended or herbal demise, 5 lakhs is paid.
  • 50,000 is paid each yr till adulthood is reached.
  • The complete adulthood fee could be to be had on the adulthood.
  • The LIC coverage is availed to the There’s no need to return to India.
  • The capabilities of LIC Kanyadan coverage and LIC Lakshya Policy are quite similar.

Further information regarding the LIC Kanyadan coverage is to be found on their respective website.

Information approximately LIC Kanyadan Policy

The following are the facts that ought to be observed regarding the LIC Kanyadan policy calculator:-

  • Exclusions: The coverage will now no longer be carried out in case the policyholder commits suicide withinside the preliminary twelve months.
  • Freelook period: Once the LIC Kanyadan coverage has been carried out, a loose appearance of fifteen days from the date of graduation of the coverage is initiated.
  • The grace length: A 30-day grace length of annual, quarterly, or half-every-year bills is applied after the initiation of the coverage. In phrases of the grace length, no form of penalty or past due charges is imposed on the policyholder. In any case, the top rate stays unpaid even after the grace length, the coverage could be terminated with no introduced intimations.
  • Surrender value: If the bills are often paid after three sincere years, the give-up length will be strictly paid simply earlier than surrendering the LIC Kanyadan policy maturity calculator. The whole percent of charges that exclude the rider top rate implies the assured give-up value. This relies upon the give-up year in addition to the respective coverage phrases.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Maturity Calculator

The individual investing in this coverage will need to deposit Rs. one hundred thirty in step with day i.e. Rs 47,450 in step with year. Premiums could be paid for much less than three years of the duration— for which the coverage is in force. After 25 years, Rs 27 lakh could be given with the aid of using LIC to the policyholder.

The tenure of LIC Kanyadan coverage is minimal thirteen years and the maximum is 25 years. If the insured individual dies withinside the center of this time, then LIC will supply him five lakh rupees greater than the constant amount. If some one desires to take coverage of 5 lakh rupees, then he/she is going to need to pay a month-to-month installment of rupees 1951 for twenty years. For the entirety of the period of coverage, LIC will supply him with Rs 13.37 lakh. Similarly, if someone taking coverage takes coverage of ten lakhs. In each month, he’s going to need to pay an installment of 3091 rupees. 26.75 lakh could be given to him with the aid of using LIC over twenty 5 years.

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