Who is the Most Famous BTS Member? – Most Followed on Instagram

As a Korean pop group, BTS is made up of seven distinct members: RM; Jin; Suga; J; Hope; Jimin; V; and Jungkook. It’s fair to presume that one of the largest fan groups in the globe has a strong preference for a particular person. Who is the most popular BTS member? Here’s what BTS followers want to say. Firstly, one can’t pick a favorite when all seven members are talented. According to several websites, the most popular BTS member varies each country. Some members are bilingual, allowing them to better communicate with fans in various countries. This influences who fans of that country adore. Aside from aesthetics, some people chose their favorite based on talent. The “Permission to Dance” musicians tweeted BTS. These boys gained millions of Instagram followers years after their debut as a boy band. Here’s our ranking of these idols’ Instagrams.

BTS Member

Jungkook is a BTS fan favorite

Jungkook is perhaps BTS’s most popular Korean member. He is a lead singer of BTS, has several lines in their songs, and is very popular in America. Jungkook has been on several Korean TV shows, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Jungkook is the most Googled BTS member and has 36 million followers on Instagram. Insta-king BTS’ “Golden Maknae” JK (@abcedfghi lmnopqrstuvwxyz) discusses his Myers–Briggs personality type, videos of his dog Bam, and updates on his boxing/fitness quest. Also, Jungkook is one of the few BTS members who saves his Instagram stories as highlights for his ARMYs.


BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung, aka V, has over 38.1 million Instagram followers. He is ranked as the fan-favorite on Ranker, much ahead of the rest of the group. Millions of people have watched V’s “fan cam” for their song “Boy with Luv,” which is one of the group’s most-watched fan cams. Since V is a sucker for all things retro, it’s no surprise that his Instagram (@thv) is strewn with images and videos of Bing Cosby. One of his videos shows him and Lizzo hanging out at one of Harry Styles’ performances. V is also well-known for uploading and promptly deleting Instagram stories, making the glances of his elusive photographs even more special.

So, RM and J-Hope?

RM and JHope each have 32 million followers on Instagram. Just RM is fluent in English and also the “leader” of BTS, frequently appearing in interviews and talk shows. RM (@rkive) is a huge art admirer. You can keep up with his art gallery trips by following him on Instagram. To be fair, RM does occasionally upload footage of what he’s watching on his Instagram account. J-Hope, the team’s dancer, rapper, and sub-vocalist, has a global following base. This love stems from his solo EP Hope World. His solo project reached the Billboard Hot 200. Follow J-Instagram Hope’s for your daily dose of positivity. The rapper frequently records his travels, including a December 2021 trip to Hawaii. J-Hope (@uarmyhope) is the best at commenting on other BTS members’ posts.


Jimin (@j.m) is one of the BTS members that uses his account the least, despite his love of fitness and night runs. 32.8 million people follow him on Instagram. On the rare occasions that he does post, he receives millions of likes. Recently, Jimin posted a photo of the moon without any accompanying text. ARMYs have liked it almost 10 million times in less than a week.


Despite only having one post, Suga has 31.5 million Instagram followers. According to this producer and rapper, Instagram is “challenging.” Following the deletion of his original Instagram post, Suga (@agust.d) posted an image of a basic red dot instead. Despite the fact that he rarely publishes on social media, ARMYs still look forward to the beautiful sunset/sunrise photos and the Louis Vuitton-themed selfies.


There are 32.1 million Instagram followers for Jin, who has three posts. In addition to being BTS’ resident gourmand, Jin (@Jin) has striking good looks. Clearly, the singer’s Instagram feed reveals his undying passion for food. Even part of Jin’s birthday celebrations were shown to the public.

Who is the Most followed BTS member on Instagram?

V, Who has 37.9 million followers on Instagram is the most famous and most loved BTS member.

Who has the least followers on Instagram?

Of all the BTS Members, RM has the least followers on Instagram.

Many people are asking about how many BTS army are in the world and which country has the most BTS fans? Fandoms and clubs dedicated to BTS have sprung up all over the world. A precise count of the number of BTS aficionados in the world is impossible, however, some estimates estimate that there are more than 90 million. For the second time this year, a tweet by BTS member Jungkook was retweeted more than any other post on the social media site. For several years now, the band has been the most popular musical act on the web.

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