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 XLI Indian Social Science Congress
 NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON “University Education System: Shifting Paradigm And Deeping Crisis”
     - A note on The University Education System
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The Indian Academy of Social Science (ISSA) is a national Academy in the field of social sciences with its registered headquarters at Allahabad. It was established on August 15, 1974 with a view to appraising, integrating and disseminating scientific knowledge concerning man, society and nature in the concrete conditions of India and promoting unity between natural sciences, technology and social sciences.


    1. To act as a national forum for integrated development of social sciences in India.

    2. To make social science teaching and research socially relevant.

    3. To undertake evalution of social science teaching and research in India.

    4. To relate the social science theorization to the actual social reality.

    5. To undertake cooperative and multi-disciplinary research in the area having relevance to social         science/Indian society.

    6. To function as a centre for exchange of ideas among social scientists, natural scientists, policy         planners and administrators.

    7. To hold Indian Social Science Congress and state Social Science Congresses.

    8. To publish multi-lingual social science journals, monographs, books etc.

    9. To collaborate and co-operate with national and international organisation in the field of social         science/sciences.