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Since after some period, men and women started to protect their feet from dirt and frigid conditions, the trend of formal shoes became most popular among people. Surpassing all the other brands selling shoes, the formal shoe brands became the giant in the shoe marketing sector. As men started living in a civilized and modernized society, the need for formal shoes increased day by day. Formal shoes are worn mainly at formal events, meetings, dances, parties, and special occasions. The possible colors of formal shoes include black, brown, burgundy, oxblood, chestnut, cordovan, and unpopularly white. Commonly black and brown are the most popular ones whereas other colors are worn frequently. Leather is always the first choice in the case of informal material shoes.

Top 10 Best Leather Shoe Brands in India

formal shoes brands in world

Formal shoes consist of outers, lining and are solely made of leather, though in some shoes, rubber soles are used for extra durability. There are also several styles available for formal shoes, Oxfords with closed lacing, Monk shoes with no lacing, Derbies with open lacing, and Loafers with a slip-on structure. In some of these styles of formal shoes, heels are evident as a principal function of aesthetics as they deliver an elegant look in the shoes. Within the top shoe brands in the world, some brands make elegant formal shoes that have been popular throughout decades. Shortlisting and judging the best shoe brands in the world, the list is updated. Here is the list of the most updated top 10 formal shoes brands in world you are looking for:

#1 Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones, a Russian formal shoe brand renowned among the best leather shoe brands for its amazing design and quality. They make handcrafted shoes for individuals as customers can order their shoes in different textures and a bespoke atmosphere. Due to the uniqueness in the quality of their shoes, their prices vary significantly. But when wearing a Crocket and Jones, price does not appear as a factor in front of the classy and fashionable look.

#2 Dolce &Gabbana

This brand is another example of the top 10 leather shoes brands in world. This luxury brand offers leather shoes for both men and women. Their shoes still manage to maintain an old-school traditional look with their loafers and oxfords. The genuine leather quality used in their shoes makes them one of the best leather shoes brands. Depending upon style and size, the prices can go above $900 in high luxury shoe stores.

#3 Berluti

The Paris-based brand is for selected classy aristocrat people who look for the best leather shoe brands in terms of quality. They are popular for their most original styles and designs. Berluti handcraft their shoes keeping in mind the luxurious preferences of their customers. The prices of Berluti shoes also vary because of their unique design. They deserve to be on the list of the top 10 formal shoes brands in world.

#4 Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli is one of the top 10 leather shoes brands in world. Customers of all age groups are attracted to the sleek and unique designs of their shoes. The durability of leather soles is also one of the reasons for being so popular. Their prices are on the higher side, but the sophisticated style you get for that is worth it. These qualities of Bruno Magli make them one of the best leather shoes brands in the world. 

#5 Cole Hann

Cole Hann is diverse and experimental, with its formal shoes amongst all the best leather shoes brands. They provide a variety of stylized designs to cope up with the demands of their sophisticated customers. Their shoes are surprisingly more on the budget economic side which increases the risk of durability. But you can buy their shoes easily as it varies from $40 to a few hundred dollars.

#6 Prada

One of the most popular among the top 10 formal shoes brands, Prada specializes in sleek and smooth looks in their loafers and oxfords. Prada is found in all the luxury shoe stores, and their price range varies from hundreds to thousands or even more considering the design. Their Cordovan Cap-Toe dress shoe also imprints a strong impression on customers due to their duotone.

#7 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is also another popular brand in the fashion industry and equally stands as one of the best leather shoe brands. Their comfort level is praiseworthy with their high craftsmanship and clean finishing. Their price range varies according to the styles of shoes chosen and can go up to $800 or more.

#8 Gucci

Currently the most popular brand in the top 10 formal shoes brands in world. Its name is also flourished widely in the whole fashion industry for a few decades. Besides providing the basic loafers and oxfords with the signature unique Gucci look, their studded buckle strap shoe and the monk strap shoes are also on the peak of preferences. Their price range varies widely up to $1500 or more depending on the chosen design.

#9 Johnston & Murphy

Another popular brand name amongst the top 10 leather shoes brands in world, that are more on the economical pricing side. They have a wide variety of all the styles of formal shoes including oxfords, loafers, boots, slip-ons, sneakers, full widths. Their shoes are perfect for reputed people who don’t want to go for a high price range but also desire a classy stylized formal shoe. The price range usually does not exceed 300 dollars.

#10 Testoni

Italian formal luxury shoe brand Testoni qualifies as one of the top 10 formal shoe brands due to its elegant and refined style. Their price range varies from $500 and more depending on the style and design of the shoes. They have been in the formal shoe business for many decades which reflects upon their authentic designs. 

So, if you want to possess the top shoe brands in the world, this is the list you need. The above list will help you a lot in the subject of choosing the best shoe brands in the world. All the names here are updated, reputed, and best enough to go for the right look and design you are comfortable with.

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